Lab Recycling

Q: What lab-specific items can be recycled?

  • Pipette tip boxes
  • Aluminum foils & trays
  • All glass, plastic or metal containers that are triple rinsed and defaced that once contained liquid chemicals can be recycled.  (Exceptions include any acid, base or acutely hazardous chemical container. Plastic safety coated glass bottles cannot currently be recycled.)


Q: What regular items can be recycled from labs

  • Paperboard boxes (e.g. glove boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Paper: Color, white, glossy, hard and soft cover books, envelopes (even with windows)
  • Batteries and electronics (computers): Request pick up at
  • Usable Supplies (e.g. office supplies): Visit Eli Surplus Exchange here:


Q: What can we not recycle?

  • Pyrex
  • Items with biological, radiological or chemical materials
  • Sharps
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Block foam (e.g. "styrofoam")
  • Items not specified as recyclable
  • Rubber coated chemical bottles
  • Plastic safety coated glass bottles
  • Any acid, base or acutely hazardous chemical container


Q: What happens to solvents?

All solvents currently are bulked into 55-gallon drums and sent off-site for disposal through incineration. The incineration process is used to fuel cement kilns. A few departments have purchased their own solvent recycling systems and can recycle ethanol and xylene for reuse.  Please contact EHS for more information or to enroll in the Green Laboratory Program