Reduce & Reuse

Yale is committed to reducing waste.

The following initiatives and programs help the University reduce its amount of waste through more thoughtful disposal, reuse, and donation.


Composting is available for events catered by Yale Hospitality. To request a composting receptacle for your event where food is served, please contact the Office of Facilities Customer Service Center by email, or by calling 203-432-6888, one week in advance.

For more information on diverting food waste and compostable waste, visit the Office of Sustainability website.

Green Purchasing

Reducing waste begins with responsible purchasing. The Yale Sustainable Procurement Standards encourage the purchasing of products with fewer negative effects on human health and the environment.

Spring Salvage

Spring Salvage is an annual resource recovery/ waste diversion program held during undergraduate student move-out. Students can donate reusable items such as books, lamps, beds, electronics, clothing, and furniture for reuse through the Spring Salvage Program.

Eli Exchange Furniture Surplus

Surplus furniture, lab equipment, and other items can be sold, exchanged, or purchased at Yale’s Eli Surplus Exchange.

CT Material Exchange

The CT Department of Energy & Environment Protection encourages the reduction of waste through materials reuse programs. A list of categories of acceptable materials for reuse and relevant reuse programs can be found on the CT DEEP website.