• Single Stream Recycling

    Single stream recycling allows you to deposit cans, bottles and other glass, hard plastics and metals in the same bin with mixed paper. Click the image to learn more about what can be recycled.

  • Recycling in the Labs

    Curious about what laboratory materials can and can't be recycled? Click the image.

  • Electronics & Universal Waste Disposal

    Computers, cell phones, and other electronic waste is handled by the Yale Office of Environmental Health & Safety. Click the image to learn more.


Yale University practices Single Stream Recycling.

Visit Recycling On Campus for more information about:

-What can be recycled

-Recycling in the labs

-Recycling other materials (electronics, printer waste, etc.)

For more specific recycling questions, please visit the FAQs page or contact your Facilities Superintendent.

Reduction & Reuse


Yale is committed to reducing waste through reuse of materials, smarter purchasing, and more thoughtful disposal.

Visit Reduce & Reuse for more information on University programs, including:


-Green Purchasing

-Furniture & Material exchange (Eli Exchange)

-Reusable item donation & Spring Salvage

Media & FAQs

Facilities Superintendents:

For more information about recycling, please contact your Facilities Superintendent.


Have a specific question or concern? Visit our FAQs page.


Visit the Office of Sustainability website for a library of printable posters and fact sheets about recycling and waste reduction at Yale.